Blogging Techniques for Intent-Focused Search

Smartphones and other mobile devices have forever changed the way people use the internet and search engines. This affects your business in many ways, from website design to blogging. Moreover, Search Engine Watch reports that Google is experimenting with new search engine results pages. These potential changes are based on a user behavior called intent-focused micro-moments. What is an intent-focused micro-moment? Today, 60 percent … Read moreBlogging Techniques for Intent-Focused Search

Are You Optimized for Local SEO?

With the increasing use of mobile technology, more people are searching for local businesses on-the-go. This fact is even truer for travelers and people who are in an unfamiliar area trying to find a local shop, restaurant or office. However, many businesses are lagging behind optimization for local SEO and may be losing opportunities every … Read moreAre You Optimized for Local SEO?

3 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Website Ranking

Blogging for your business is fun, but it takes a lot of work! Perfectly blending creativity, originality, and advertisement is difficult, but there is nothing better than pressing “publish” on a piece you just invested in. However, there is this monster called “SEO.” It stands for “search engine optimization.” Basically, good search engines are looking for websites with … Read more3 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Website Ranking

3 Reasons To Analyze Website’s Ranking

Out of site, out of mind. If your customers can’t find you then how relevant are you to their lives? Companies spend lots of time and effort creating and executing strategies that they hope are helping them move up the search engine pages. It is not enough to hope your that website is ranked well, it’s … Read more3 Reasons To Analyze Website’s Ranking