Why Work For Us?

Local Leap Marketing is a full-service web design & SEO agency located in Allen, Texas.

We’re champions of the small business owner. We’re in business to support small businesses realizing the American Dream. We ensure our clients put their best foot forward online through innovative website design, search engine optimization, copywriting, social media strategy, blog writing, website maintenance, and more. The success of our company hinges on our ability to hire people who share our passion in achieving our singular goal: helping businesses grow.

There’s no overseas outsourcing at Local Leap. We’ve worked hard to build a marketing team right here at home in Texas, each member uniquely skilled in the necessary building blocks of SEO and overall web presence. View our current openings below and apply to become a part of our team! Don’t see your specific position or skills area listed? Contact us to discuss our internship programs. We’re passionate about growing talent!

Available Job Opportunities

No current openings at this time.

Let’s Talk Culture

Champions of Small Business
It just seems to happen. Our team members become impassioned champions of the people we serve. We’re fueled by the success we help create for our clients. Working in roles where we get to see so directly the fruits of our labor a sort of magic takes hold. Call it an on-the-job-perk. Call it synergy. Whatever it is, we love it and foster it and can’t wait to share it with you.

We consider it an honor to have our team members join us. To this end, we listen and intentionally grow and develop our tribe. We understand that ideas come from all levels and processes. Thinking outside of the box doesn’t happen at Local Leap because we’re never inside that box.

Getting it perfect is an ongoing process at Local Leap. We’re always going to find a way to make something better for a client, for our business, for a cause. This doesn’t mean we stay frozen, afraid to pull the trigger, waiting on elusive perfection. As is the case with our primary product offering, SEO, we’re going to make bold moves and then we’re going to revisit and tweak and continually improve. We know we’re always capable of more and, yes, we’re going to get to that “more” in a committed, balanced but fierce manner.

The Perks

We get it. You spend a lot of your waking hours on the job. You want to enjoy the work you do. You want to feel challenged. You want to grow. You want to make a difference. Working with Local Leap you can expect:

Competitive Pay

We stay on top of industry trends and pay our talent what they – and our clients – deserve.

Paid Time Off

We know time off pays off in productivity. We provide generous PTO and Holiday pay for full time employees.

Upward Mobility

We are small and nimble. No formal hierarchy to climb here. If you’re eyeing a path, let’s see if we can’t get you on it.

Team Building Events

Fun? You bet. But, we’re also capitalizing on what we call synergy energy to take the enterprise further.

Employee Performance Rewards

Celebrating our victories and accomplishments is mandatory at Local Leap. Not because we have to, but because we can.

Remote Work Environment

Because it makes sense.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Hear what some of our employees and customers have had to say about Local Leap:


Let’s Make A Difference!

Local Leap Marketing realized early on, given the type of work we do, we can be a great resource for churches and nonprofits. Where we can, we offer our web design services at a discount to these partners. We understand a non-profit needs to reach their widest audience effectively and creatively. We’re proud to say our website design and SEO services have enabled our non-profit partners to expand their marketing efforts across the globe.

We’re here to help you make it happen. Let’s get you out there. Contact us today!

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