Professional Copywriting Services

Engage Your Audience With Relevant Content.

From blog posts to service/product highlights, targeted social media messaging to SEO keyword copywriting, we know what it takes to generate leads and grow your brand!

Tell Your Story With Our Copywriting Service!

Does your marketing need a boost? Do you recognize the power of the written word as a marketing tool but lack the skills necessary or the time required to make it happen? Perhaps you have identified your target audience but are lost as to how to reach them and prompt interaction. Whether you have a one-time need for copywriting services or an ongoing string of projects that desperately need attention, Local Leap Marketing offers highly effective copywriting service to clarify your message and attract new customers.

Strategic, well-written copy not only educates and influences customers, it also boosts search engine ranking.  From blog posts to highlighting niche services to social media marketing, we know what it takes to generate leads and grow your brand! Our smart SEO tools allow us to quickly analyze your competitive landscape and identify incremental messaging that sets you apart.  

Words Matter

Local Leap Marketing’s professional writing services are designed to effectively influence and educate your readers.  A targeted messaging strategy coupled with talented writing can be powerful.  Consider:

  • Layering strategic keywords into product and service copywriting allows you to show up in customer searches when it matters most.  
  • Effectively making the case for your product or service in writing translates into efficient lead generation.
  • Featuring a well-written About Us page will bolster consumer confidence and positively influence customer engagement.
  • Applying thoughtfully chosen language, you can underscore your overarching business purpose and passion throughout all your written content.
  • Sharing seasonal messages, culturally relevant topics and meaningful industry news in blog posts and on social media will convey active engagement in your business.  
  • The correct and concise use of the English language is a prerequisite for customer confidence.

Blog Posts are Multi-Functional

Regular blog posts function as relationship-building dialogue with your target audience.  Blog posting allows you to stay connected to your past customers and helps new customers learn more about you. When housed on your website, via a dedicated News or Blog page, blog posts can be linked to relevant product and service copy within the site and to social media posts, further boosting your SEO efforts.  This layering approach allows you to repurpose published copy and meet the reader “where they are.” 

Our team of writers and marketing specialists will use whatever methods are needed to enhance your website and overall customer experience. Our goal is to boost your Google ranking by showcasing your products and services with relevant content and consistent updates.

As you know, website content is an integral part of telling your story and generating new leads. This is why you can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to marketing your business online. Local Leap Marketing recognizes the creative void that many companies are dealing with as they focus on running their business.

Online marketing is a digital asset and a great investment with the right team. Call us today to learn more about our copywriting services and we’ll help compound that investment.