3 Online Marketing Tips To Improve Ranking

An overwhelming number of businesses who are trying to achieve a stronger online presence are under the impression that search engine optimization is too expensive, especially when you’re targeting the same keywords that the corporate giants are after. Here are three search engine marketing tips to help you compete in organic search alongside industry giants.

3 Online Marketing Tips To Improve Ranking

1. Keywords, keywords, keywords to Enhance Online Marketing

Larger well-established companies have bigger marketing budgets, so it’s integral that you target strategic keywords that will allow your brand to stay competitive.

First, your brand needs to understand the importance of long-tail keywords. Long keyword phrases tend to bring in leads who are a little more targeted and ready to buy. Long-tail keywords will undoubtedly bring less traffic, so it’s important to uncover a larger quantity of long-tail keywords to get the most out of your leads and improve conversion rates.

2. Utilize Geographic Landing Pages

To take your advertising competitiveness to the next level, you need to leverage the power of localization.

If you run a small bed and breakfast in Plano, then obviously you need to target Plano, Texas or even just the entire state of Texas. Targeting more competitive keywords like “bed and breakfast houses in the United States” should come secondhand to your physical geographic location.

But at the same time even if you’re a supplement and nutrition company in Texas who’s targeting different countries around the world, it’s still a good idea to target local keywords like “sports nutrition companies Texas” first simply because people in Texas will like the idea of shorter shipping times more than the potential shipping time that might come with buying from a company based in New York. So brands catering to an international audience can also utilize the power of geographic parting.

3. Look Outside the Google Bubble

People tend to forget that marketing can be just as effective on other search engines as they are on Google. Google receives the most traffic and so naturally the bulk of leads will come from that search engine. But search engines like Yahoo! and more specifically Bing, can bring you targeted leads just as easily as Google can. As with any search engine, targeting the right keywords in is imperative.

If you run a business in a competitive industry then AdWords can come at a steep cost. Optimize your marketing budget using these three tips and you’re three steps closer to competing with the big guys.

Talk is cheap. Applying these search engine marketing tips to keywords in your marketing can be downright frustrating and nerve-wracking. If you need guidance in the right direction, feel free to get in touch with Local Leap Marketing today.