3 DIY SEO Tips For Businesses

Local DIY SEO Tips

There are some things that we just want to get a taste of first hand. Rather than hiring out a particular service to a qualified SEO professional, we want to take a stab at it ourselves, save a little money and learn a new craft. Maybe you, as a business owner, want to learn the ropes of all things SEO and determine whether or not this is an area in which you can improve on your own.

If you are ready to take on this challenge of discovering how SEO works within your small business marketing plan, then we have a few pieces of our best advice reserved just for you. As a specialized marketing company that focuses on the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, we know a thing or two about developing a workable plan that will boost profits and enhance your customer experience.

Strengthening your website’s optimization means ranking higher on keywords that relate to your specific product or service. The higher your business is on the list of related items, the greater your chance of gaining new customers and putting your brand in front of more people. However, if you are not familiar with all that a cohesive SEO approach entails, then there are a few starting points that are crucial for you to educate yourself upon before going any further in your DIY endeavor.

Our Best Advice on Stepping Out On Your Own to Boost Your SEOSince SEO is our passion here at Local Leap Marketing, we have determined some key areas for you to research and better understand:

Google My Business

If you have yet to create a Google My Business listing, then you are missing out on some serious potential to boost your SEO. You want any pertinent details – whether its hours, prices, contact info, and more – available on Google so that you strengthen your chances of producing new clientele for your small business. Creating a listing is definitely something every business needs to add to the SEO task list because this is free advertising! Who wouldn’t want to take just a small amount of time to create a listing that could be viewed by thousands of potential customers? Need help creating a Google My Business listing? Contact us today!

Creative and Unique Website

Another necessary part of DIY SEO is to make sure that your business has a mobile-friendly website. Every thriving business needs a website. And, moreover, it’s still not quite enough just to have a simple site, but it needs to have some legitimate time and effort poured into it in order to dominate the local business market.

Creating a website that is both creative and unique will be a huge asset to your potential business growth. The website must look appealing in a visual sense but must also contain helpful information. Simply throwing up an old picture and listing your hours and prices does not draw attention. You can save those details for a simple online directory listing. Instead, your website needs to be something that stands out, with quality imagery and plenty of specific details regarding your products and services.


There are a lot of cookie cutter websites out there and a lot of opportunities to jump out on your own and put a site together. However, the process can sometimes be trickier than one might suspect, and it takes a lot of self-educating on the front end and then the discipline to stick with it and keep the website well-maintained. No one is going to give your business a second thought if the last updates were posted two years ago. Fresh content is a major necessity when it comes to a successful website, and that leads us to the next key area to be discussed. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your website. We would be more than happy to audit your website and help showcase your business.

Original Content Rich with Keywords

A website with beautiful images and just a few sentences is considered a flop in the eyes of Google and all things SEO. If you want to see your business climb toward the top of the SERPS (Search engine results page), then you have to do the work of putting the right keywords all across your website.

Google has a way of constantly running algorithms and processes that scan for keywords and relevant search results.  These are the things that keep your SEO potential on either the positive or negative end of the spectrum. If you have just a small amount of content on your website, it will be just as ineffective as having a large amount of content that is lacking in any relevant keywords.

All in all, there is a ton of work that can be done on your own to make improvements on your company website. There is a lot to learn about the technicalities of how SEO works, and we hope that we have touched on some of the key items that will be most helpful to you in your research process.

Local Leap Marketing is passionate about small business owners and the growth potential that is at their fingertips. If you decide that the approach to boosting your SEO is a bit more involved and complicated than you first imagined, we are here to help take that confusion off of your shoulders and put our expertise to work. We would be happy to speak with you about all of the SEO services that we have to offer! Contact us today to learn more!