3 Facebook Tips for Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest social networks is Facebook, and Facebook marketing is a crucial aspect of any social media marketing campaign. Here are three tips on how to boost your Facebook marketing campaign.

3 Facebook Tips for Social Media Marketing

Don’t Turn Your Facebook Page Into an Advertisement

Don’t just post about your business. Your Facebook page should be a mix of not only news about your business and special deals and promotions, but also of news about the industry, local news (if you are a locally-based store), tips and tricks relating to your products, and perhaps some quotes from leaders in your industry.

Invite People to Like Your Facebook Page

It’s not just friends that you can invite to like your Facebook page. You can invite anyone who liked an individual post to like your page as well. Just go to any post, view the people who liked it, and click on the invite button. People who liked one of your posts are more likely to like your page also, and this will bring additional exposure to your future posts.

Import Your Email List for Facebook Remarketing

If you have an email list or even a database of customer phone numbers, you can use that list to target Facebook accounts associated with those email addresses or phone numbers. Just go to your ad manager and go to the option of creating an audience. This is known as remarketing and retargeting, and it is effective in showing existing customers or previous email subscribers ads about your company.

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