Content Marketing Strategy: Going Beyond Social Media

So you’ve recently started developing content to promote your website. Or maybe you’ve been at it for a while. You write an insightful post within your expertise, post it on your blog and… now what?

The easy answer is to share it on social media. And while social media is a powerful resource to increase awareness and engagement, it cannot be your only resource to distribute content. Let’s be clear: Social media is not a content distribution tool.

Content Marketing Strategy: Going Beyond Social Media

The key to getting your content noticed is a healthy distribution mix. Here are a few content distribution tips for content visibility success:

  • Email newsletter – People on your list WANT to hear from you. Give them a little VIP treatment and make sure they get your latest first.
  • Content discovery networks – Some are paid, some are free. Sites such as StumbleUponZemantaOutbrain and Taboola can get your content major exposure.
  • Influencer marketing – A shout out from THAT industry influencer that EVERYONE follows is priceless. Reach out and establish a relationship. You might be surprised at the kind of magic they can work for you with a simple share.
  • Guest blogging – Collaboration is the name of the game. If you would like to get exposure in one of your industry’s leading websites, why not offer them your expertise as a guest blogger? You will not only gain exposure to their audience but be able to link back to your website where they can read even more of your content.
  • SEO – A well-written and insightful piece of content will receive more traffic through search engines in the long run than with any other content distribution strategies. Make sure to optimize your content with SEO best-practices.

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