How Link Building Increases Your SEO

Often when discussing search engine optimization, the importance of keywords and unique content are emphasized–and rightly so. These factors are fundamental for good SEO. Knowing how to optimize social media helps, too, and you may have already heard about accumulating “backlinks.” But a time-saving shortcut to showing up higher in the search results is having at least one very high-ranking site that links to you this is called Link Building. Here’s how link building increases your search engine optimization.

How Link Building Increases Your SEO

Ask People You Know For Backlinks

When it comes to SEO, it’s all about who your friends are. Having your link displayed on an established website will increase your relevance with the search engines. Think about people in your life that may have a strong internet presence. An uncle who’s an electrical contractor, a neighbor with a successful “mom blog” or your nephew with a skateboarding video that went viral is prospective backlink suppliers. Ask them to link to you, and watch your ranking improve.

Participate in Online Discussions

People love to talk about themselves, so it can be easy to start a conversation by complimenting a blog post. Most comment boxes ask for your web address, and when the comment is posted, your name will be a hyperlink back to your site. Don’t be too general with your comment, though, or it will be obvious that you’re grubbing for backlinks. Make a genuine contribution to the discussion, and you might just gain another high-ranking friend that will voluntarily link to you.

There is no substitute for a professionally designed website with unique content and the perfect long-tail keywords, but back links from friends in high places might just be that added boost your website needs.