Local SEO For 2016

Local SEO For 2016As internet availability increases, what’s needed for businesses to maintain effective local search engine optimized websites changes as well. Take, for example, mobile searches. Once upon a time, the majority of internet searches were done on a desktop computer. These days, however, most people, and especially younger people, are using their mobile devices to search for the information they want to know. When these people search for local businesses and services, they often do it in the car, on the road, or on the train or bus. That means that small businesses must ensure that their websites are fully optimized for a mobile viewing experience. That’s not always easy when designing a business website, but it must be done.

Voice searches are also growing in popularity. People who try to use their devices while driving a car want to keep it hands-free and take advantage of Google’s voice search to help them out. Businesses must take this into account as well because the more voice-search friendly the keywords they use are, the more likely they are to be found.

For a business’s local SEO strategy to be fully effective, they must register their business with Google My Business. This allows businesses to be found across the entire Google spectrum, from Google Maps to the businesses that get displayed on the top page of Google search results. For example, when someone in Anytown, USA, searches for “bakery,” three or seven local bakeries will be displayed at the top of the page, along with their information. Not all bakeries will have that privilege; only businesses that have excellent reviews, plenty of information, and relevant pictures can hope to get into that list.

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