Are You Optimized for Local SEO?

With the increasing use of mobile technology, more people are searching for local businesses on-the-go. This fact is even truer for travelers and people who are in an unfamiliar area trying to find a local shop, restaurant or office. However, many businesses are lagging behind optimization for local SEO and may be losing opportunities every day.Are You Optimized for Local SEO?

How to Optimize for Local SEO

It is not difficult to add the information you need to make sure your site is optimized for local SEO. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Claim your Google My Business page
  • Make sure your business address is the same as on your website
  • Use structured data for your name, address and phone on your website*
  • Work to get reviews on your My Business page
  • Add references to your city in your key areas on your websites such as title tag, H1 tag, URL, content and image ALT
  • Embed a Google map on your website
  • Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly
  • Get links from local websites related to what you do

How to Get Reviews

Reviews on Google should be from genuine customers. You can start by contacting your best customers to ask them to post a review. Another strategy is adding a link to your My Business page on your website that customers will see after they visit your website. You can also post a link in your emails or follow-ups with customers who have received service. And ask customers for reviews when they are at your business. Contact us for more information on local SEO.