Six Reasons to Jump into Social Media Marketing

Kids use it. Teens use it. Adults use it. And it’s used everywhere from dorm rooms to the grocery store check out. What is it? Social Media.  In fact, 74% of on-line adults use social media.  Social media marketing has become one of the biggest marketing trends in business today.  If you are not using social media marketing to promote your brand, start now and begin seeing the benefits that social media marketing will bring to your business. Here’s how you can jump into social media marketing.

Six Reasons to Jump into Social Media Marketing

  • Build brand trust: Customers are more comfortable purchasing a product with a name they know, even if they don’t know anything else about the product. Think of the influence the brand name had on you the last time you bought the television. Chances are, the first thing you did was look for the brand name. Then after addressing the features and price, you probably narrowed your choices, and your final decision on a choice between two nearly identical products in similar price ranges likely went to the brand you trusted more. Through social media, you can tell your brand’s story and get your name known.
  • Increase website traffic: By cross-linking your social media and your website, you can increase traffic in both directions.  Having social media widgets on your website helps visitors like and follow your brand. To easily get them to your website, include your web address on your social media posts. They don’t have to search the databases and dig through the competition to get to you. They only need to click on your link.
  • Target the right audience: Through social media marketing you can distribute content to just about every audience, but with the right strategies, you can also focus on a targeted audience.  For example, products that market best through visual means get pinned, and services that help industries receive recognition on LinkedIn.  Furthermore, social media has analytics and tracking tools that help you identify your target audience and track your results.
  • Increase conversion rates:  A potential customer who enters your website may not be ready to buy your product at first.  Turn one-time visitors into repeat visitors and eventual customers by reminding them about your site through social media advertising.
  • Engage with customers: Social media marketing not only gives you the opportunity to see what your customers say about your brand, but it also gives you the opportunity to respond.  With most advertising, you get only one-way communication with results seen after a transaction.  With social media marketing, you can thank a customer who praises your product, learn their concerns and provide feedback, or remedy a complaint.  You can discover what customers want, promote new products and features, or share testimonials and reviews, all while attaching a human quality to your brand.
  • Real-time, all the time: Facebook never shuts down, YouTube doesn’t have a viewing schedule, and Twitter doesn’t tweet as the rooster crows. These platforms are always on.  This allows you to reach customers at all hours of the day.  That doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t get to shut down. Companies like Local Leap Marketing can manage your social media marketing, so you don’t have to.

Chances are, you use social media in your personal life to keep informed about the happenings of your friends and family.  Social media marketing can do the same for your business.  To talk more about how we can help you with all of your social media marketing needs please contact Local Leap SEO.


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