Ignoring Search Engine Optimization Trends

You may be tempted to ignore search engine optimization, but doing so may be dangerous. In fact, ignoring Google’s algorithm changes brought about the downfall of many prominent websites in 2010 when Google released its Panda update, which penalized keyword-stuffed content on websites. Then again in 2012 when the Penguin update was released, sites who had previously gotten through the Panda update two years earlier were hit again. Sustaining best practices in SEO in the face of massive updates like these could have prevented the downfall of those websites. It has been made clear that ignoring search engine optimization is a bad idea. To further clarify this point, here are three major points that prove that ignoring it can be detrimental to your website.

  1. Ignoring Search Engine Optimization TrendsNatural Traffic – The first way that it can hurt your business is by preventing natural traffic from getting to your website. Many websites rely on ad clicks to get traffic to their websites. These ad clicks cost money to the business. As a result, you are paying for something to come onto your website for a chance that they will be interested in your services. All of those ad clicks cut into any sales that you can make on your website, thus, increasing your customer acquisition cost and decreasing your profit margin.
  2. Quality Content – Another way that ignoring SEO can hurt your business is through a lack of quality content. Believe it or not, all that search engines want to see is that your website provides quality content for the audience. SEO best practices revolve around creating quality content. If you present quality content, your SEO will automatically be higher.
  3. Monitoring Algorithm Changes – You might also find that ignoring SEO can hurt your business’s future. If you have poor SEO and a search engine update is released that opposes your current content format, you can easily be tossed out of the game. Major websites ignored the impending Google updates, and it cost them dearly. Ignoring SEO does not just hurt your current business prospects, but any that you might have in the future.

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