6 Best Web Design Practices for 2020

If you are like most business owners, you want to get your brand notice utilizing the best practices. Having a up-to-date and user-friendly friendly website is important for your company brand. Believe it or not! Your website design has a huge impact on whether visitors stay on the page or move on. Remember websites are always evolving, so it is important to utilize the best practices. Here are 6 best web design practices for 2020 when web designing your business website.

6 Best Web Design Practices for 2020

Capture Your Users Attention

When creating and designing your website, your hopes are to reach your targeted audience. If your design doesn’t strike an interest in your visitors, they will abandon your site and move on. Most visitors will not return unless given a good reason to do so. In order to capture your users attention, invest in quality images, professional and fresh content material, and keep your site clean. It might be necessary to hire someone to maintain the site until you get the hang of it.

Simple Navigation

A good website is easy to navigate from the time a user lands on your page until they decide to leave. Whether the user is clicking on images or browsing through from page to page, their experience should be a smooth and simple transition. Not all websites require a homepage. If your site is one of those that doesn’t, your audience should still be able to gain a clear understanding of the website’s structure. Remember, a navigation bar is one of the most essential tools needed on your website.

Give Whitespace Room to Breathe

You can find just about any and everything on different types of websites. Some sites are just overloaded and crowded with too many images and too much information on one page.  These pages are considered noisy and filled with chaos, and quick to lose a visitor’s attention. Give your whitespace breathing room, this space is also referred to as ‘negative space’. To add more whitespace to your pages, try making text smaller and adding paddings. You won’t believe how more attractive your site will appear to its audience. Also, avoid adding too many images, texts or color to one page.

Get Straight to the Point

There is nothing more annoying than visiting a webpage with a bunch of jumbled together words. No one wants to try to figure out where new paragraphs end and begin. When putting word content on your pages, be sure to use fewer words as possible to get to the point. Break paragraphs up when needed, and use bullet points to make things easier for readers looking for specific information. Most people who use the internet are visual and prefer not to read long-drawn-out paragraphs.

Add Character to Your Site

Make a deep connection with your audience by showing them who you are as a business owner. Most loyal customers like to know why owners are so passionate and loyal to their brand.  Remember, people love it when they think they are getting to know a real person. You definitely will become a hit with those who share some same values as you.

Practice SEO Strategies

Marketing and advertising your brand is a must, to get it your brand and website recognized. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a must when having a website online. For your website to rank in search engines especially Google’s first results page, you are going to need to know a lot about SEO such as using the proper keywords on each page, compressing images, and knowing the speed of your pages for optimization. To learn more about the best web design practices for your business, contact us today!