How Blogging Helps Your SEO Campaign

Businesses are constantly told about the benefits of blogging. Yet, many companies still aren’t writing blogs at the frequency that they should. It’s important to understand how it can really have an impact on your SEO campaign.

How Blogging Helps Your SEO Campaign

Fresh Content

It’s always a good idea to have fresh content on your website. It is what will encourage people to follow your blog throughout the year. Search engine algorithms also look for fresh content. If it’s been months since you last added new content to your site, it could cost you within the rankings. You may find yourself lost on page five, six, or higher – and the average consumer isn’t going to look past the first page to find a company to work with.

New Information

People visit your website to learn new things. Your blog is a great way to tell people more about what they need to know. More importantly, it shows that you are knowledgeable about the topic and the industry. People want to do business with experts and therefore blogging helps to prove that you do in fact know what you’re talking about.

Opportunity for Sharing

As you blog, you can have social media sharing buttons on the blogs. You never know what post will resonate with people. Someone might love what you have to say about a topic and then share it on Facebook or Twitter. This can put your blog and your company in front of even more people.

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