Practical Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Part of the desires of every entrepreneur is to grow their customer base because it translates to more traffic to their website. So, after building a great site to showcase what you offer, you need to get the word about your online store out there to generate traffic. Why is increasing traffic to your website a necessity?

  • It generates more leads, expands your client base, and increases conversions.
  • Gives you a better understanding of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Improves your search engine and SEO credibility.
  • Allows you to gather insights regarding your audience, which facilitates better decision making.

In that case, increasing traffic to your site has a direct impact on your bottom line. Here are a few tips for driving more traffic to your website.

Practical Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Website

1. Consider Posting to Social Media

Leveraging the communication channels your audience use is one of the ways you can increase traffic to your site. As such, social media is an excellent place to start because most individuals use social platforms today. For instance, you can use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to promote blog posts and other useful pages on your website, which will drive more traffic there.

Also, note that simplifying the message for your audience should be a priority in this case. The reason is that you are the expert in your products/services, and therefore, you should create content that social media users can understand without difficulties.

2. Sign Up For Google My Business

Ranking highly for those closest to you (also known as those performing local-based queries) is invaluable. Optimizing for the Google 3-Pack is a surefire way to boost visibility to customers; and most consumers feel confident selecting from a small range of businesses hand-selected by Google. Scoring a spot in the 3-Pack also helps your business appear trustworthy and transparent.

Receiving numerous positive reviews can be extremely beneficial when it comes to upping your visibility on local SERPs. Google reviews (and the amount of “stars” you’ve accrued from them) will be plainly visible within the 3-Pack. This means that, ideally, you should work hard to garner positive reviews for some time before worrying about the 3-Pack.

3. Prioritize Content

Turning an interview with an industry influencer into a blog post or having them publish a blog post on your site can help you realize increased traffic. That is achievable through both organic traffic and an influencer’s efforts to promote your content to their audience using backlinks. Blogging will also allow you to diversify your content, which is a sign to your visitors that you are active in your field.

Also, you can ask an influencer to mention your entity in their review or round-up posts, which will cost you nothing. Collaboration with the influencer for the exchange to yield mutual benefit is paramount in this case. Identifying complementary business with an audience that is relevant to your operations and contributing a post to their blog is the other option you can pursue.

That way, you become a guest blogger, and you can add a link back to your website whenever you contribute a post to complementary entities. You also need to ensure that your content is useful and relevant for their audience for the exchange to be even.

4. Be Active Online

Several online groups and websites that are relevant to your community and operations are available. Being active on such platforms can increase traffic to your site. You can do so by participating in conversations about your industry, commenting on social media posts and blogs, as well as answering relevant questions that people post online.

As you engage with your community more, you will realize a surge in profile visits even as you enjoy more exposure.


Increasing traffic to your website will take some effort. Implementing the tips above will help you achieve this goal and enjoy the benefits that come with it. If you need more information on driving more traffic to your site, contact us today!