Why You Need A Local SEO Consultant

Were you ever approached by someone who claimed to be an SEO expert and who promised to get your website ranked on the first spot of Google within a few days? As a website owner, you’ve probably either been approached by such an individual or seen their advertising. Why You Need A Local SEO Consultant

The truth is that most of these people, while they promise you the world, will just get your website penalized by Google. They’re using black-hat SEO tactics to try to fool Google. This can help in the very short term, and you may get high rankings for a very short time, but soon enough, your rankings will go down, and you will end up having to go into disaster mode to try to undo the damage.

You’ll get thousands of low-quality links pointing to your site, which will ruin your reputation in Google’s eyes. These people know that, but try to scam unsuspecting website owners anyway.

Don’t fall for their tricks. Instead, hire a local SEO consultant that keeps up with Google’s updates, and who uses only Google approved SEO methods. Instead of spammy tactics such as low-quality link building, private blog networks, spam commenting for backlinks, keyword stuffing, keyword cloaking, and all of the other black-hat methods, we use only white-hat methods that are proven to work.

We will focus on optimizing your website for their keywords, which we will choose by using the best keyword tools to find keywords that have a low competition and high numbers of monthly searches. We will optimize your website with high-quality content, including images and video. We will build up a social presence and earn high-quality backlinks for your site.

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