Local Leap Wins Local Excellence Award For Dallas, TX

Trustworthiness is a valuable currency in any industry, but it carries significant weight for technical services. Search Engine Optimization success hinges on successfully navigating complicated and changing search engine algorithms and is heavily influenced by consumer behaviors.  Even with standard industry measuring sticks, success isn’t always immediately apparent.  So when respected B2B consumer advocate, UpCity, recently named Local Leap Marketing as a Local Excellence Award Winner in Dallas, we celebrated big.  It’s nice to be recognized for consistently putting the customer first.  It’s rewarding to see that our customer-first model works so well in this industry.  We’re grateful for partners like UpCity who support B2B service decision-making and so purposefully endorse service providers consistently doing the right thing.

2021 Local Excellence Winner in Dallas, TX

Recognized As A Top Marketing Agency

Local Leap Marketing is currently ranked in the top 1% nationally and top 2% for the metro area according to Upcity. The Local Excellent Award focuses on four key categories:
  • helpfulness
  • credibility
  • integrity (transparency, honesty and quality)
  • trustworthiness

The UpCity Recommendability Rating 

UpCity has a proprietary algorithm that utilizes digital signals to measure the credibility and trustworthiness of each of their Certified Partners.  This informs the UpCity Recommendability Rating, which is an assessment of how recommendable a service provider is in comparison to other comparable service providers.  This information is used to help Upcity support business owners in their search to find a partner that is the best fit for them, and one that the business owner can trust. Eight factors are used to establish the Recommendability Rating, which cannot be purchased or directly influenced by the service provider.  These factors are:
The UpCity Profile Completion.  UpCity lists more than 50,000 provider profiles and each profile highlights nearly 40 data points on each provider, including services offered, target markets, price points and more.  This information is valuable to UpCity users and the more complete the information, the better for the consumer.
Engagement.  UpCity encourages its service providers to actively engage with potential customers on the platform via posts, recruiting, responding to reviews, etc.  In line with the SEO components of active review management and social media engagement, the end goal is to ensure businesses get the information they need to make an informed decision.
Feedback Requests. Active in their recruitment of specific, informative feedback, UpCity has collected nearly 10,000 in-depth reviews for their platform users to access.  UpCity’s Recommendability Rating is influenced by both the quantity and quality of reviews available for a service provider.
Google Reviews. Google My Business reviews further inform UpCity’s Recommendability Rating, again with consideration given to both quantity and quality.  This one really speaks our language.  Squarely in line with the work we do in search engine optimization, local citation building via platforms like Google My Business not only empowers the consumer, it also serves as a valuable marketing tool for companies.
Presence in Search Engines.  Again closely related to the work we do at Local Leap, UpCity monitors how prominently a service provider ranks in search engines, using this information as a solid indicator of overall authority and domain expertise and a measure of industry reputation and performance.  As we underscore to our clients, the careful evaluation and use of keywords in website content helps consumers find relevant partners.  UpCity rewards service providers who are keeping fresh and relevant copy in their content because this is a positive input for potential end users.
Location Consistency.  An input to their measure of trustworthiness, UpCity keeps tabs on the information provided on sites like Google My Business to ensure it is accurate and up to date.
Domain Authority.  UpCity uses a trusted domain authority metric as a predictor of how much authority a provider’s domain has in the eyes of Google and others.
Website Speed and Experience. Finally, again very much in line with the work we do for our clients, UpCity regularly monitors the speed of a provider’s website.  They understand, and assign value to, the impact website performance can have consumers.

We’re Grateful and Honored

Mark Tepper, SVP of Sales & Customer Success at UpCity, had this to say about Local Leap Marketing:

“No matter what type of business you’re in, Local Leap Marketing understands SEO is a crucial element in keeping your brand healthy and competitive. This hyperfocus on leads and the bottom line is how Local Leap Marketing was able to achieve the UpCity Excellence Award.” – Mark Tepper, SVP of Sales & Customer Success

This recognition has been driven in large part by our 5-star review rating on UpCity. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of feedback we’ve received from our incredible customers:

“Ryon is incredibly responsive to our requests. He has made it quick and easy to adapt our website to the changes we require. I highly recommend Local Leap Marketing!” -Scott M Anderson, Local Leap Marketing customer

“Local Leap has been an excellent partner in helping to grow our business. The customer-focused & individualized approach they provide is beyond compare.” -Vianey Reinhardt, Local Leap Marketing customer

“All aspects have been good. My business has grown significantly since we started. Still have a good way to go to reach my goals but working with Ryon has been first class. Nice guy, very helpful, very much aware of my shortcomings and what needs to be done to improve from where we started the first of the year.” -Dan Eckert, Local Leap Marketing customer

We’re passionate about helping businesses grow and always looking for creative ways to turn tire-kickers into customers. We think outside the box and strive to develop custom marketing strategies that get results. Thank you to the UpCity team and our Local Leap Marketing customers over the years for this tremendous award and honor.