4 Reasons Blogging Is Essential for SEO

One of the best ways to boost your SEO campaign is to start blogging. Blogging has many benefits, especially for search engine optimization. Here are four reasons why blogging is essential for SEO. Fresh Content Google factors fresh content into their ranking algorithm. Sites that post fresh content on a regular basis will see their … Read more4 Reasons Blogging Is Essential for SEO

4 Important Tips for Blogging Success

Blogging is a great way to attract new visitors. Through inbound marketing, you can reduce your advertising costs and attract quality leads. Here are a few tips for blogging success. Prioritize One of the main differences between successful blogs and unsuccessful blogs is that successful bloggers prioritize their blogs. Many small businesses think that blogging … Read more4 Important Tips for Blogging Success

How Blogging Helps Your SEO Campaign

Businesses are constantly told about the benefits of blogging. Yet, many companies still aren’t writing blogs at the frequency that they should. It’s important to understand how it can really have an impact on your SEO campaign. Fresh Content It’s always a good idea to have fresh content on your website. It is what will … Read moreHow Blogging Helps Your SEO Campaign

Blogging Techniques for Intent-Focused Search

Smartphones and other mobile devices have forever changed the way people use the internet and search engines. This affects your business in many ways, from website design to blogging. Moreover, Search Engine Watch reports that Google is experimenting with new search engine results pages. These potential changes are based on a user behavior called intent-focused micro-moments. What is an intent-focused micro-moment? Today, 60 percent … Read moreBlogging Techniques for Intent-Focused Search