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How to Write an About Us Page That Gets Results

Writing Your About Us Page “Our business’s About Us page is not ‘about us, it is about what our market wants to know about us, so they want to do business with us.” Ryon Gross Your About Us page is powerful and supportive, because it is where your potential clients go to learn and to confirm. They … Read more

How To Find The Right Website Designer in 2019

Your website needs to be attractive, enticing and available 24/7. In today’s digital world, over 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business. In fact, the first exposure to your business is likely to be your Google My Business, or GMB, page, which you cannot ignore (read more on that here). What … Read more

WordPress Security Audit: How Can You Improve Security on Your Site?

Cybercriminals frequently target business websites. They try to steal sensitive data, launch malicious code, or bring down the site so that no one can access it. Small-to-mid-sized businesses sometimes assume that they’ll fly under the radar and won’t attract attention from hackers. But cyber criminals go after businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Performing … Read more

3 Ways That You Shouldn’t Be Using Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, such as search engine optimization and paid search engine advertising, is a wonderful way to promote your business online. However, there are right and wrong ways to do it. Check out these three examples of how NOT to use search engine marketing so that you can ensure that you’re on the right track. 1. … Read more

Write Your Blogs For Readers Not Google

Most business owners know that search engine optimization (or SEO) matters when they sit down to write their blog because it sends traffic to their website and blog. However, they might question how much it really does matter? Should they really focus on writing around keywords and keep repeating those words, just to get Google … Read more