Are SSL certificates necessary?

Recent SSL Requirements by Google have affected business websites in monumental ways that you may or may not be aware of at this time. Local Leap Marketing is paving the way for our clients to develop a greater understanding of the security precautions that Google is implementing. For the past several years, Google has been urging … Read more

Why Hiring a Social Media Marketing Consultant is a Good Idea

Social media is quickly becoming the most common way for people to connect for both personal and professional purposes. Since it attracts hundreds of millions of daily unique users, social media is also a great way to market your business. Unfortunately, starting a social media marketing campaign can be complicated. There are several situations in … Read more

Make Social Media Marketing Profitable

Most businesses are turning to social media for various reasons, and part of these includes realizing profitability. That is only possible with the right strategies in place. Having a strong following on such platforms as Twitter and Facebook is not a guarantee that each follower will become a sale. The social media platform you use … Read more

The Fundamentals of SEO

When it comes to keeping pace with changes in SEO, many businesses and entrepreneurs start to feel like they are chasing their own tail. You don’t only have to think about things like keyword density, meta tags, and image ALT text, but also schema markup, localization, reviews, and citations. Moreover, you must worry about if … Read more

Attract New Customers With Google My Business

For many business owners, you have already mapped out a workable SEO strategy and looked through the process of developing your Google My Business, or GMB, listing. This step is imperative in flourishing within the local business market and can greatly increase your chances in advancing your business throughout the entire Google framework. For example, … Read more