Make Social Media Marketing Profitable

Most businesses are turning to social media for various reasons, and part of these includes realizing profitability. That is only possible with the right strategies in place. Having a strong following on such platforms as Twitter and Facebook is not a guarantee that each follower will become a sale. The social media platform you use … Read moreMake Social Media Marketing Profitable

Does My Website Need to Have Landing Pages?

Why does your business have a website? There is a good chance that the prime reason is for increasing sales and growing your business. You are likely spending money on search and social advertising. There is also a good chance you are expending resources to publish content to boost organic traffic. However, how effective has your … Read moreDoes My Website Need to Have Landing Pages?

Why Is A Website the Best Marketing Investment?

Your website is your 24/7 public relations expert. It’s also your universal salesperson, your customer service representative, and your business analyst. Because all of these jobs are tied up in your website, that means they can interconnect: a new lead can have their question answered and be directed to a product that solves their software … Read moreWhy Is A Website the Best Marketing Investment?

Attract New Customers With Google My Business

For many business owners, you have already mapped out a workable SEO strategy and looked through the process of developing your Google My Business, or GMB, listing. This step is imperative in flourishing within the local business market and can greatly increase your chances in advancing your business throughout the entire Google framework. For example, … Read moreAttract New Customers With Google My Business

Forms of Search Engine Marketing

Promoting your website in addition to your services will give you the biggest marketing benefit. There are times when you will get extra bang for your marketing dollar when you focus on bringing prospects to your website or landing page as such. There are at least five kinds of search engine marketing (SEM) or, as … Read moreForms of Search Engine Marketing

5 Important Tips for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an important social media platform. Having an Instagram page has many benefits. For one, it helps build up your brand and authority. In addition, you can drive traffic by including a link in your bio. Here are some tips for maintaining your Instagram page. Use Hashtags Hashtags are an important way to get exposure and followers. People search … Read more5 Important Tips for Instagram Marketing

4 Reasons Blogging Is Essential for SEO

One of the best ways to boost your SEO campaign is to start blogging. Blogging has many benefits, especially for search engine optimization. Here are four reasons why blogging is essential for SEO. Fresh Content Google factors fresh content into their ranking algorithm. Sites that post fresh content on a regular basis will see their … Read more4 Reasons Blogging Is Essential for SEO