How to Optimize Images For Search Engines

Images are a fundamental component of a website’s content. They grab visitors’ attention while complimenting text and/or conveying new ideas. Unfortunately, though, many webmasters neglect the basics of optimization before uploading images to their websites. Even if an image “looks” fine, it may lack certain elements that could improve its exposure in the search engines. Below … Read more

How Do You Rank?

According to a Moz search ranking survey, mobile friendliness and perceived value of page/site are the top two factors with increasing impact. Other notable areas with increasing impact include: HTTPS Site speed Association with mobile app Influence of structured data Usability/design Usage (dwell time, CTR) SEO strategies for 2016 will reflect these trends, and those … Read more

Ignoring Search Engine Optimization Trends

You may be tempted to ignore search engine optimization, but doing so may be dangerous. In fact, ignoring Google’s algorithm changes brought about the downfall of many prominent websites in 2010 when Google released its Panda update, which penalized keyword-stuffed content on websites. Then again in 2012 when the Penguin update was released, sites who had previously … Read more

Local SEO For 2016

As internet availability increases, what’s needed for businesses to maintain effective local search engine optimized websites changes as well. Take, for example, mobile searches. Once upon a time, the majority of internet searches were done on a desktop computer. These days, however, most people, and especially younger people, are using their mobile devices to search … Read more