3 Ways to Better Local SEO

Does your local business rank at the top of the search engine listings? Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to help promote your business. Local SEO is a combination of strategy and persistence that will help a business rank on the first page. At Local Leap Marketing we pride ourselves in keeping our clients at the … Read more3 Ways to Better Local SEO

3 Online Marketing Tips To Improve Ranking

An overwhelming number of businesses who are trying to achieve a stronger online presence are under the impression that search engine optimization is too expensive, especially when you’re targeting the same keywords that the corporate giants are after. Here are three search engine marketing tips to help you compete in organic search alongside industry giants. 1. … Read more3 Online Marketing Tips To Improve Ranking

The Importance of Local SEO

Without a doubt, local SEO is one of the most important elements of any SEO campaign. This is especially true if local customers make up a large majority of your client base. Here are few reasons all businesses should make local SEO a huge part of their overall marketing campaign. Local SEO Is Targeted and Timely … Read moreThe Importance of Local SEO

These Tips Will Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

If you have been struggling with search engine optimization, or if you are always interested in reading about the latest tips and tricks that will give your website the edge over its competitors, you will find the following three SEO tips useful. Include Videos in Your Posts You’ve heard that your posts should include images. … Read moreThese Tips Will Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

Increase Your Social Reach With Social Media Marketing

If you want to boost your social media marketing results, it is necessary to constantly monitor your progress and analyze your strategy. Here are some tips that you may not have been implementing. Repost Your Evergreen Content Sure, you know that whenever you add content to your website, you must add that content to your … Read moreIncrease Your Social Reach With Social Media Marketing

Importance of a Responsive Web Design for SEO

In order to achieve better search engine rankings for your website, it is vital to have a responsive website design. A website with a responsive design is developed with the user in mind. Here are a few reasons responsive web design is so important for SEO purposes. Google Recommends Responsive Web Design Chances are the … Read moreImportance of a Responsive Web Design for SEO

How to Optimize Images For Search Engines

Images are a fundamental component of a website’s content. They grab visitors’ attention while complimenting text and/or conveying new ideas. Unfortunately, though, many webmasters neglect the basics of optimization before uploading images to their websites. Even if an image “looks” fine, it may lack certain elements that could improve its exposure in the search engines. Below … Read moreHow to Optimize Images For Search Engines

How Do You Rank?

According to a Moz search ranking survey, mobile friendliness and perceived value of page/site are the top two factors with increasing impact. Other notable areas with increasing impact include: HTTPS Site speed Association with mobile app Influence of structured data Usability/design Usage (dwell time, CTR) SEO strategies for 2016 will reflect these trends, and those … Read moreHow Do You Rank?

Ignoring Search Engine Optimization Trends

You may be tempted to ignore search engine optimization, but doing so may be dangerous. In fact, ignoring Google’s algorithm changes brought about the downfall of many prominent websites in 2010 when Google released its Panda update, which penalized keyword-stuffed content on websites. Then again in 2012 when the Penguin update was released, sites who had previously … Read moreIgnoring Search Engine Optimization Trends