How Blogging Helps Your SEO Campaign

Businesses are constantly told about the benefits of blogging. Yet, many companies still aren’t writing blogs at the frequency that they should. It’s important to understand how it can really have an impact on your SEO campaign. Fresh Content It’s always a good idea to have fresh content on your website. It is what will … Read moreHow Blogging Helps Your SEO Campaign

Overwhelmed by Content Marketing? We Can Help!

As you might already know, content marketing is extremely important. Creating blog posts and other content for your website is necessary for a few reasons. Primarily, it can help you boost your search engine ranking in a natural and ethical way. Additionally, it can provide helpful and informative content for your readers to enjoy when they … Read moreOverwhelmed by Content Marketing? We Can Help!

SEO Best Practices & 2017 Marketing Trends

Looking Ahead to The Future of Web Design 2017 And Beyond The digital marketing trend continues to migrate toward businesses focusing efforts on responsive design SEO best practices. What can you do with your current online presences to make sure you stay competitive? Mobile-friendly is a big key in determining the success of your website. With users now … Read moreSEO Best Practices & 2017 Marketing Trends

Is Seasonal SEO Worth It?

During the offseason or the slow months, many businesses struggle with what is known as seasonal SEO. It is a hard decision to make. How do you determine to run your SEO throughout the year or just during “holiday” season? You could target keywords that are only relevant for a certain season or, alternatively, a specific … Read moreIs Seasonal SEO Worth It?

Content Marketing and SEO

When many people think of SEO, they don’t think of content marketing, and they should. Believe it or not, there is a strong connection between content marketing and SEO. But what exactly is content marketing and why does it go hand in hand with SEO? The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “A strategic marketing approach … Read moreContent Marketing and SEO

Content Marketing Strategy: Going Beyond Social Media

So you’ve recently started developing content to promote your website. Or maybe you’ve been at it for a while. You write an insightful post within your expertise, post it on your blog and… now what? The easy answer is to share it on social media. And while social media is a powerful resource to increase awareness and … Read moreContent Marketing Strategy: Going Beyond Social Media

Blogging Techniques for Intent-Focused Search

Smartphones and other mobile devices have forever changed the way people use the internet and search engines. This affects your business in many ways, from website design to blogging. Moreover, Search Engine Watch reports that Google is experimenting with new search engine results pages. These potential changes are based on a user behavior called intent-focused micro-moments. What is an intent-focused micro-moment? Today, 60 percent … Read moreBlogging Techniques for Intent-Focused Search

Tips on Increasing Sales With Social Media Marketing

When engaging in social media marketing, it is important to remember your goal, which is to attract more customers and grow your business. Here are our top three tips on increasing sales with social media. Show That You Are Human Don’t just periodically post robotic-sounding words, without any emotion, some will assume your input is automatized and no one … Read moreTips on Increasing Sales With Social Media Marketing

Be Strategic With SEO

Anything you can do to improve your site’s availability and appearance to search engines will show an improvement in visitors. Even something as simple as underlining a few keywords in your existing site changes the visibility of your site in search rankings. If you’re just getting started with SEO, you are in a position to … Read moreBe Strategic With SEO

Search Engine Optimization: The Value of Internal and External Links

Content has largely taken over online marketing in the past few years. To attract followers in your target audience on Facebook, you need to create content. To engage subscribers with your marketing emails, you need original content. To manage your reputation, generate leads, and establish thought-leadership, you need content. So where does this leave search engine … Read moreSearch Engine Optimization: The Value of Internal and External Links